Balayage vs. Ombre vs. Babylights

 These three (very popular and trendy) services can be easily mistaken and sometimes cause confusion. How do you know which one is the one you are looking for? Leave that up to the professional. Your stylist will be able to suggest which is best for you based on your hair, and your wants and expectations.


Balayage (pronounced bah-lee-AHZGE, French word meaning “to sweep”)

This technique can also be referred to as hair painting. The lightener, or hair color, is painted on in such a way to create a subtle, graduated highlighting effect from root to end. This style of ‘highlighting’ is used to create beautiful blends of multi-dimensional color. The balayage color also is popular due to its natural-looking effect, which can be used to achieve many different looks.

Balayage is here to stay! Reason being, because it can (as stated above) achieve so many different looks, and due to the fact that this service allows you to go longer in between appointments, unlike your 6-8 week foil touchup.

In order to accomplish the seamless transition from root to end, stylists have to be extremely educated in this craft. There is a steep investment in learning how to create the perfect natural highlight, and this is why this service may come with a heavier price tag. BUT keep in mind, like stated above, you can go 3-4 months in between appointments! It is a worthwhile investment.


Ombre (French for “shaded” or “shading”)

This trend color is defined by hair that appears darker at the root, blending into a lighter and lighter shade as it reaches the end. To achieve this (more drastic) look, stylists may still use the balayaging technique. Generally, ombres work best on brunettes because it is the least subtle of all the techniques.

Ombre is kind of like color blocking, there are no dark pieces left on the bottom to help keep it natural like the balayage, just a nice transition between the colors. While the ombre is also a beautiful look, it must be done right by trained professionals! This technique also requires advanced education, which may be accompanied by a higher price tag. Don’t try the ombre at home ladies!


Babylights (also known as fine foils)

In this method, separating the hair into tiny sections creates micro-highlights – maybe only a couple of strands each. This technique also achieves a very natural look that is meant to mimic the fine, natural highlights you used to get as a kid, hence the name babylights.

Babylights are also very low maintenance, just like the balayage and ombre. Since the highlights are so fine, as the hair grows out the overall style appears subtle, and there are no defined line of demarcation. With this method you can go about 12-14 weeks in between appointments!

Another important thing to note is that babylights can be applied to any hair color or type! While the effects on blondes are fabulous, brunettes and redheads can have fun with highlighting and babylighting as well.


Schedule a consultation or ask your stylist which technique is best for you! Always remember, you get what you pay for, and the investment is worth the less-frequent visits to the salon!

Meet Stylist, Karlie!

Meet Karlie!


We are so lucky to have Karlie on the Frangipani team. While attending the Aveda Institute in Jacksonville, she assisted at Frangipani assisting and training under many master stylists. Not only does Karlie still continue her education through Aveda, but she is also an educator to her peers, providing the necessary tools and strategies for them to master (her leading skill) men’s cutting.

Karlie’s talents don’t just lie with men’s cutting. She masters in clients with curly hair, short haircuts, balayage color, highlighting, you name it. She also is trained in Brazilian Blowout treatments. Her welcome of any challenge is extremely admirable – whether it’s keeping up with the latest urban trends or the classic contemporary looks, Karlie will strive to achieve the look her clients desire. You can find much of Karlie’s work on both her own, and Frangipani’s Instagram, Faceboook and Pinterest accounts.

Aside from her unbeatable skills behind the chair, Karlie exceeds every expectation when it comes down to compatibility with her clients. She effortlessly establishes friendships with all of her guests, making them feel comfortable and trusting of her. Karlie’s passion for her work and professionalism is obviously shared with each of her clients, providing them with a creative and quality experience. Karlie contributes so much talent to Frangipani, we are so glad she chooses to call us her salon home.



Meet Stylist, Katie!

Meet Stylist, Katie!


Katie was driven toward the beauty industry at a very young age. She graduated from the Aveda Institute In Jacksonville, which led her to further training and employment at Frangipani. Katie then moved forward to complete our advanced training program. She also continues to attend education classes year-round to stay current in this evolving industry.


Katie’s true passion for the hair and beauty industry is shown through her exceptional work. She specializes in blondes, balayages, dimensional color and creative color. Katie’s resume also highlights her training in Brazilian Blowout Treatments and special occasion hair and makeup. Katie treats her career as a true art and displays her work on her own social media platforms.

Katie’s confidence in accepting every new challenge is extremely admirable. This is shown in her ceaseless way to gratify all of her guests, along with consistently exceeding all of their expectations. Aside from raw talent, Katie is always looking to engage, laugh and enjoy each and every client, making each appointment a new memorable experience for them.

We are very lucky to have Katie as a part of our Frangipani team, and we can’t wait to see her further success unfold.


Meet Master Stylist, Brendi!

Meet Master Stylist, Brendi!


Brendi Wheeler has been with Frangipani for 13 years! She has trained with Aveda since the very beginning, and has attended 2 Aveda congresses, as well as seminars from the Aveda Business College. Brendi has also attended countless hair classes and shows, which she plans to continue to even more-so further her career.

Brendi’s main focus in her career is to create maintainable natural hair color, seamless cuts all complete with an AMAZING blowout (Brendi is known for her signature blowouts)!

“I wanted a professional career that lets me interact with people and be creative. I always do my best to listen to my clients needs and wants. It makes for a wonderful day when I have made someone feel great about their look. I love meeting new people and being able to provide more than a quality service, showing I care!”

Brendi’s philosophy is simple, she listens to her clients, and she believes in creating looks that are current, classic and beautiful. Her vast knowledge and experience is easily matched by her sincere dedication to each and every client.


We are so lucky to have Brendi in our  Frangipani family, who embodies all that is genuine, dependable, kind and fun-loving  <3


3D Microblading


The hottest new trend – 3D microblading – has completely taken the world by storm, and we are SO excited to play such a big part in it!

Our lead esthetician, Cortney, has created hundreds of new brows for not only local ladies, but some that travel by plane just to witness for themselves her amazing, true talent. Her waiting list is pages long, but for good reason. Cortney creates a semi-permanent 3D brow that makes everyone do a double-take. How is it possible for it to look so real?

Cortney takes half of the appointment time (approximately 1 hour) taking measurements of the face and drawing on the brow to make sure it highlights her client’s best features and frames their face in the most perfect way. She is also very exact and proficient in making sure every stroke is spot on every-single-time. One word sums up her work: amazing.


If you are on the fence about this simple procedure, let me help you decide by giving you these simple positive changes a pair of brows will have on your everyday life…

  • These brows will save you TIME. Time is precious, and you will not have to take this extra time to draw on your brows every morning. For some this takes 10 minutes, for some it takes 30, imagine waking up with the perfect set of brows already in place..
  • SWEAT. We live in Florida, in an active society. So whether you are out shopping or hitting the gym, you do not have to worry about your brows sweating off, smudging or disappearing altogether.
  • This brings me to the next point… These brows are perfect for summer. If you are at the beach, in the pool, participating in an outdoor activity or even just going makeup-free for the day, you will still feel that much better having bold, defined brows already set in place.

Visit our website or our Instagram for more before and after photos of Cortney’s work, and call to book your appointment ASAP (as spots fill up quickly)!! 904-241-1411


What’s in your beach bag?


This time of year it is EXTRA important to be prepared and pack your beach bag with all of the essentials. The extreme heat, humidity, salt water, chlorine and UV rays can really take a toll on both your skin and hair. Let us help you avoid the consequences of these elements with this list of beach bag MUST-HAVES:

  1. av_A0H2_254Aveda Lip Saver: This moisturizing chapstick has an SPF 15, and is made with castor oil to hydrate and soothe your lips. Carnauba candellila and beeswax allow this lip protector to be water proof, with long lasting moisture. With the help of Vitamin E and SPF 15, the Aveda Lip Saver offers protection from the sun, as well as defense against other environmental aggressors.
  2.  Sun Care Protective Hair Veil: av_A4MT_254This water-resistant product acts as a shield to protect hair from the sun for up to 16 hours. This hair veil helps minimize color fading, and limits hair from the drying and damaging effects of the sun with the help of cinnamon bark oils and wintergreen ingredients.
  3. Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser: This is a color-safe shampoo and body wash that gently and effectively removes chlorine, salt and product av_A3YY_254buildup from the body and hair. Tamanu oils and certified organic coconut oil help maintain moisture and balance for your hair and body. This cleanser even removes the minerals found in pools that cause hair discoloration. That’s right blondes, NO MORE GREEN HAIR! This product can be used daily, or whenever you are exposed to the sun, salt or chlorine.
  4. Daily Light Guard: This 100% mineral-derived sunscreen is a sheer and weightless protector from the sun. Daily Light Guard is made up of advanced coating technology  makes zinc oxideav_AK2J_254 and titanium dioxide glide on sheer and smooth as they provide UVA/UVB protection. This dermatologist-tested and non-acnegenic sunscreen can be used by all skin types.


Stop in to get your beach bag summer ready today!

Stylist feature: Master Stylist & Salon Manager, Kelly!



Master Stylist, Kelly, has over 10 years experience as a stylist. She is a graduate of the Aveda Institute New Orleans, and has gone through additional education through Aveda. Kelly exudes confidence in all that she does, but her specialty lies in color, cut, thermal straightening and Brazilian Keratin treatments. Her resume is extensive, including assisting at Aveda’s Master Jam along with participating in various regional special events. She is also an educator herself, teaching upcoming stylists how to perform services to Frangipani’s fullest potential.

12814597_10153530574172098_2953393657824857158_nKelly is a vital member to the Frangipani family. Not only is she a mentor and coach to all other stylists, but she also holds the title of Frangipani Salon Manager. She may be adamant and stern in her managing style, however, she excels at this job and all employees trust in her fully for direction, instruction, and even advice. Many of her guests witness her ability behind the chair; however, most often don’t see that she is one of the crucial brains behind-the-scenes!

Kelly’s primary focus is on how to make each and every client’s experience nothing less than perfect each time. She strives to deliver quality service to her guests, channeling her Aveda education, to ensure they receive a look that suits both their life and style. You can see the confidence her clients have in her abilities, and how much they enjoy their visits with Kelly. Her vast experience and knowledge in Aveda are the foundation for all of her work. We are so lucky to have her at Frangipani!