We looked to our favorite beauty professionals for the upcoming Summer 2017 trends, and some have us doing a double-take..

Peach TonesMakeup-1

Whether it be a peach lip stain or peach-toned blush, this color is making a debut this upcoming season. Believe it or not, peach compliments almost every skin tone, and gives you an effortless pop of color that doesn’t go unnoticed.



Grey & Gothic Lip

Let’ s seriously switch gears here.. grey or dark, gothic lips are transitioning from winter, to spring, and yes they are staying for summer. This may seem unfit for the season, but paired with a simplistic eye and cheek, the gothic lip proves its cool.




Micro BraidsTousled-Curly-Hairstyle-with-Small-Braid

When you think of ‘micro braids’ you may think cornrows, or 21st century feels. However, these braids can be very understated and serve as a form of texture to your hair. This look was seen on the runway amidst the models’ natural waves. You can also try this trend by adding them to your pony for dimension.


Half-up Bun

The half-up bun is here to stay! This is extremely popular this current spring season and is definitely going to be no different come summer. The more undone this look appears, the better. The half-up bun is an easy way to stay stylish during the summer heat.



The Wet Look

This ‘post swimming pool’ style can be pulled off by pulling the hair back in a low pony, or by scrunching your way to the ultimate beach waves. Use a dollop of mousse to achieve this effortless look. This may bring you back to your school days, but it can be done much sexier.



Super Straight

Pin straight hair is back! To those naturally-straight gals, this is a dream. No more fighting the curling iron or wands! To the textured folks, this is a scary thought. Super straight hair during the most humid time of the year?? Finding the right products is key to getting this Gigi Hadid inspired trend. Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight product is a great place to start!



No Makeup Look

This is what summer is all about! The no makeup look allows you to enjoy a lifestyle from the beach, to the bar without having to touchup in between. Just remember to keep your skin safe from the harmful rays with some sunscreen, apply some lip balm, and you are ready to take on the season! Who else feels so thankful for this ongoing seasonal trend?


These are just SOME of the trends hitting us in just a couple of months. Be sure to consult with your stylist about which products can help you achieve these summer looks!





Frangipani Celebrates EARTH MONTH 2017

What is Earth Month?0422_earth

April is Earth month, and gives us a reason to appreciate and raise awareness our precious and increasingly fragile planet. Earth Day was established 42 years ago – on April 22nd – and over the years this celebration has evolved from the day, to the week, and now to the month!

How does Aveda celebrate Earth Month?


“When you protect water, you protect what you love.” In essence, this is why Aveda celebrates Earth Month. It is Aveda’s mission during the month of April to raise funds for water projects in over 80 countries. Funds are also used to aid in the preservation of clean water, and to educate citizens about regional water issues.

How does Frangipani celebrate Earth Month?

Our focus during Earth Month is to raise funds for The St. John’s Riverkeeper.

The St. John’s Riverkeeper “defends, advocates, and activates others to protect and restore the St. Johns River.” Their efforts make sure our ‘River City’s’ waterways remain clean and healthy. Not only does the St. John’s Riverkeeper monitor pollution, ensure environmental laws and regulations are implemented and enforced, and patrol the river on a daily basis, but they also inform and engage members of the community in efforts to protect and restore the river’s health.

This year, YOU can enter Frangipani’s raffle to help us protect the St. John’s River!



Meet Stylist, Niki!

One word to describe this next stylist is ‘artist’.


Master Stylist, Niki, truly is just that, an artist. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology, she then went on to pursue her aspirations in the world of hair and beauty. This led her to Frangipani, where she has been since 2004. Niki is a driving force of creativity, passion, and talent day in and day out. She always shows up to work with her game face on, ready to take on the day and perform to the best of her ability.

6724_10152977616722821_5938251055590945106_nNiki’s specialties include creative precision haircutting, balayage, color corrections, and her signature “blondes”. She never turns down a challenge and will jump through hoops to ensure her clients’ happiness. People fall in love with Niki’s dedication and skill, and trust her fully from touchups to complete transformations. Social media serves as a window into ‘Niki’s world’, showcasing her before and after photos, edgy masterpieces, personal promotions, and of course her puppy-son, Henry.


Aside from being one of Frangipani’s Master Stylists, Niki is also a leader in our very own New Talent Program. Niki is the creator of Frangipani’s education curriculum, which drives our stylists-in-training to success. Her transparent devotion and love for what she does is exactly what every trainee needs to advance them to the next level.

Needless to say, Niki serves from the heart in both of her positions at Frangipani. Niki’s confidence and passion is contagious, and she is a great energy to have in our salon family.

50% Off Sale!

There are only a LIMITED supply of these Aveda discounted items that will (unfortunately) be leaving our shelves for good! Read on to learn a little bit more about these products, and why we love each and every one…


Aveda’s Enbrightenment Skincare Line aveda

This line of products is designed to provide a more even skin tone with a pant-powered brightening blend – including mulberry root and grape extracts. Both salicylic acid and glucosamine help to promote surface cell turnover for greater skin clarity and luminosity!



Tourmaline Charged Radiance Fluid 2465478

This concentrated refining serum-infused with the naturally energizing mineral tourmaline and antioxidants jumpstarts a healthy glow, smoothing away dull skin. This product can produce up to 35% increase in smoothness, 36% reduction in the appearance of pores and 31% reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles. What’s better than that?!



Aveda’s Green Science Skincare Line aveda11-195x300

This skincare line is designed to smooth fine lines and improve visible firmness to the skin. The formula within this line boosts natural collagen production for a more lifted appearance!





Candrima Creme Cleansing Oilaveda-0592-272727-1

This oil gently cleanses and softens dry, stressed skin with organic sesame and coconut oils accompanied by a rich ginger scent. Smooth on damp skin, rinse and you will feel immediate comfort!





All Sensitive Body Formula _7483296

This lightweight, organic formula nourishes and conditions sensitive skin. Use after a bath or a shower, as a bath additive, massage oil or a conditioning scalp treatment. After use, you will feel soothed and moisturized, allowing your skin to regain its strength.


Stop in today to purchase these products! They will not last for long!



Meet Stylist, Brandon

brandonStylist Brandon wears many hats in the Frangipani family, and for that we are so thankful to have him on our team! His talents behind the chair are outstanding, as he is extremely passionate about both color and cutting. He is very diverse in his skill and excels from long hair, to short razor cutting. Brandon is also skilled in the balayage technique, and knows his way around our beloved curly-haired clients!

Brandon graduated from the Aveda Institute in St. Petersburg in 2007, and since graduation he successfully completed many advanced education classes. His Aveda knowledge and expertise is the foundation to his achievement. Brandon provides each and every guest with the Aveda experience, and admits that doing so is the most important element to his career a a stylist. His guests appreciate his abilities and artistry, and are always pleased with the end result to their visit.

“I love creating wearable, everyday looks that find that perfect style for each individual.”


Brandon is also the Aveda mentor of Franigani Hair Studio, and shares his knowledge and love for Aveda with our team every day. He is our go-to for any Aveda-related question, product guidance and advice. He can effortlessly find the perfect product line for anyone that walks through the door, and can provide the client with each and every ingredients’  purpose to successfully benefit their hair. It is amazing!15578911_10108746147651843_4982660122143960795_n

Brandon also holds the ‘Mr. Fix It’ title in Frangipani. If something breaks, he can fix it! Whether he is in the salon and readily available, or if we have to call him on his day off, Brandon always finds a solution from our technical problems, to a broken sink!

We are so grateful for all that Brandon does, for who he is, and for what he brings to our Frangipani team.




Meet Master Stylist, Heather!


There is no one like Heather on our team, and for good reason: she is simply one of a kind. Her calm demeanor, positive presence and strong leadership skills are admired by our staff and all guests. She loves her job and her coworkers, and it shows on her face every single day.

Heather has been a part of the Frangipani family for about 12 years now, beginning as an assistant and working her way up to become a Master Stylist, in VERY high-demand! She specializes in extensions, but also excels in color and cutting. Heather is also one of Frangipani’s educators, encouraging her apprentices to succeed to their fullest potential. She offers constructive criticism, guidance and training to assistants, and even goes as far as teaching them exceptional customer service, leading by example.

Heather goes above and beyond with each and every guest, every single time. She is known as such a confident, genuine person and this shows in both her relationships with her clients and through her amazing artistry with hair. Heather enjoys putting a smile on her guests’ faces, and finds her job extremely rewarding. Her dedication to create her client’s perfect style is evident, and she spends additional time getting to know all of her guests on a personal level.


We are honored to have Heather as a part of our growing salon family, and are confident knowing she is a remarkable example to all of our current, and new employees.

Deva Curl


Calling all curly haired clients!! We have the ultimate fix for all of you that are fighting the frizz, wrestling with styling tools and wasting countless dollars on styling products. Our very own stylist Karlie recently visited New York City where she successfully completed Deva Curl education, becoming Frangipani’s very own Deva Curl Specialist.


What is a Deva Cut?

The Deva Cutting technique “is a technique used by the Devachan Salon for cutting curly hair. Curly hair is cut in its natural form: dry, not wet. Each curl is individually shaped and the style is based on the individual.”

Each cut is a customized cut for each curl pattern, which requires strict and extensive training by every Deva Curl Stylist. The hair is cut dry, simply because the spring factor found in naturally curly hair changes and falls when it is cut dry.

[One of the benefits of a Deva Curl haircut is that they are built for a wash & go hairstyle]

“DevaCuts are dimensional and intricate and made for wash-and-gos.”

How does one style a Deva Cut?


Karlie will educate her clients on how to style their new, bouncy, beautiful ringlets. She guides her guest on the cleansing and styling process as she works so that clients can go home and recreate this style themselves. Karlie will also recommend the perfect Deva Curl products to purchase and use at home.

Where can I purchase these products?


You can purchase all of your products while you are at your appointment at Frangipani!


Call us today to book your Deva cut with Stylist Karlie 904-241-1411